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Audition information

Self-tape audition video submissions for all roles in the upcoming production of Lizzie are now closed.


In-person callbacks will follow auditions upon request during:

  • Friday 21 January 6pm – 8pm

  • Saturday 22 January 8:30pm - 10pm

  • Saturday 27 January 6pm - 9pm


Final casting is not contingent on receiving a callback.

Callbacks will take place in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington or via requests for additional tapes.

Please let us know in your audition form should you not be available for an in-person callback during the date range indicated.

Self-tape submissions

Please record yourself performing the audition materials detailed below and upload to Google Drive, YouTube, etc. Once you are ready to submit, please complete the Audition Submission form and include a viewable link in the form where prompted. 

All self-tape auditions must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday, 7 January.

If you need to submit a late audition for any reason, please reach out to us on the email below.

Videos should be filmed horizontally and in a well-lit space (not backlit). Self-tapes can be filmed using your mobile phone or through a self-tape service.

If you have any questions, please contact

Audition materials

Please prepare:

  • A 90-second cut of an uptempo rock, pop-rock, or rock-musical theatre song in the style and vocal range of the show and character of your choice. 

  • A 90-second cut of a contrasting musical theatre song of your choice in the indie, folk, alternative or soft rock genre. 

Both songs should adequately showcase your vocal range, tone, and acting ability through song. 

You are welcome to audition with material from the show.

Please perform your audition using high-quality instrumental backing tracks. If you are auditioning for more than one character, you are welcome to prepare multiple song cuts.  We recommend auditioning for two characters maximum. 


If you play any instrument(s), please include in your submission a video of yourself playing. If you are not able to provide a video, please list your instrument(s) and level of experience, including the number of years you have played and your performance experience (e.g. bands, orchestras, busking, etc.) in the Audition Submission Form.


We are interested in casting some actor-musicians in addition to the live band. It is not a requirement that you know how to play an instrument to audition for this production.

Please note that actor-musicians will need to provide their own instruments for rehearsals and performances.


Revenge, betrayal, sex, murder! What really happened in the house of Borden?

On a sweltering summer in 1892, a wealthy businessman and his wife were found murdered in their own home. Their daughter, Lizzie Borden, was the prime suspect. Lizzie is the punk-rock musical reimagining of the gripping true-crime case of Lizzie Borden, exploring the heady and heated events leading up to the infamous trial that became a media sensation. Brought to life by a powerhouse cast of four women and a searing live band, Lizzie is a suspenseful, queer, and rebellious new musical laced with political depth and a mischievous sense of humour that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Hot off the heels of a smash-hit season at the Sydney Arts Festival and a thrilling UK Tour currently playing in London, Lizzie now swings into Wellington at Circa Theatre with a sharp, sapphic, and stylish production that'll be a crime to miss. 

The creative team of Lizzie 

Presented by WITCH Music Theatre 

Director Ben Emerson

Co-Director & Choreographer  Greta Casey-Solly

Music Director Hayden Taylor

Production Designer Joshua Tucker

Key dates

July 8 - August 3: Rehearsals

5 – 8 August: Tech rehearsals

9 August: Preview performance
10 August - 7 September: Season (no show Mondays) 

There will be a promotional photoshoot to be confirmed with the cast. This is currently pencilled in for a time between March and April pending availability. This will be based in Wellington.

Listen to the cast recording

Key Dates



  • All character breakdowns below are subject to your interpretation. All roles are open to any ethnicity and can be played by Female/Non-Binary/Gender Diverse actors who can sing in the vocal range of the character. 

  • All actors should be strong dancers and must be comfortable dancing in commercial dance heel boots. 

  • All roles require excellent vocal and acting ability with confidence in interacting with an audience in 'concert style' during the show. 

  • Previous experience gigging with a band/musicians is a plus.

  • All performers must be capable of learning and performing music that crosses genres and must have the ability to affect their voice for atmospheric vocalisations throughout the score.

  • The ability to read music and/or play instrument(s) is a bonus.

  • We are interested in exploring a localised dialect for this production—this means you are welcome to audition with your own accent; otherwise, a standard American accent is preferred. Those auditioning for 'Bridget' should be prepared to play with an Irish accent.

  • We are interested in making parts of the score more acoustic/soft-rock, so please take this into consideration when listening through previous recordings of the show. 

  • All cast must be able to perform and work in Wellington during the entire rehearsal process and show season. Please see these dates above.

  • Swing performers will be cast to cover two roles each in this show. These roles will be paid.

Lizzie Borden

Script gender: Female

Age range: 20s to Late-30s

Vocal range: Mezzo Soprano (F#3 -F#5 with a high mix-belt/screlt to A5)

Charismatic, passionate, sardonic, impulsive, conniving, charming, fragile, fractured, sinister, magnetic, terrifying. 

We are looking for an actor with a powerful contemporary pop/rock belt voice who can portray an enigmatic young woman on the brink of total collapse. We meet Lizzie just moments away from disaster; she is both an irresistible rock star and a wounded social outcast. 

Features in songs such as: 'This is not Love', 'Thirteen Days in Taunton' and more.

Content: Must be comfortable with simulated physical intimacy as well as navigating mature themes with references to sexual assault and suicidal ideology.

Emma Borden

Script gender: Female

Age range: 30s to 40s

Vocal range: Alto/Mezzo Belt (F#3-D5 with the ability to growl and rasp)

Fierce, pragmatic, protective, loyal, jaded, staunch, grounded, neglected, courageous.

We are looking for an actor with a fire-breathing belt quality who can portray a fiercely outspoken and protective older sister and maternal figure. Emma is resentful of her father, his new wife, and her less-than-ideal circumstances. She is wise to the world that has broken most of her spirit, that is until the unspeakable happens.

Features in songs such as: 'Sweet Little Sister', ''Burn the Old Thing Upand more.

Alice Russell

Script gender: Female

Age range: 20s to Late-30s

Vocal range: Soprano (G3-A5 with F#3 pick-up/ghost notes in one number)

Kind, empathetic, romantic, optimistic, strong-willed, idealistic, sensuous, caring.

We are looking for an actor with a sweet and lyrical pop/rock soprano with a strong mix belt. Alice is Lizzie’s next-door neighbour and lover. Deep in her affection for Lizzie, Alice is seductive and tender until Lizzie’s innocence comes into question. 

Features in songs such as: 'If You Knew', 'Will You Stay?'  and more.

Content: Must be comfortable with simulated physical intimacy.

Bridget  Sullivan

Script gender: Female

Age range: 30s to 50s

Vocal range: Contralto/Alto (F3 - E5 with E3 pick-up/ghost notes in one number. )

Playful, sarcastic, all-seeing, honest, obedient, bitter, saucy, curious, vivacious, quick-witted.

We are looking for an actor with a lively, commanding and banshee-like voice who can portray a sarcastic and peculiar Irish housemaid. Bridget ‘Maggie’ Sullivan acts as one of the show's primary narrators; they are put upon, resourceful and wickedly humorous.

Features in songs such as: 'The House of Borden', 'Mercury Risingand more.




  • An accompanist will be provided at callbacks. You are not required to bring sheet music to your callback unless requested in advance.

  • All roles in this production are paid and will receive a co-op share of box office profit made. 

  • All performed must be able to work in Wellington for the entire duration of rehearsals and the season dates.

  • Casting is 18+ recommended.

  • If you have any questions, please contact


Rehearsals are schedule to begin Monday, July 8, 2024 and will operate with a 9 am - 5 pm working schedule, Monday – Saturday, with approximately 40 hours allocated per week.


Rehearsals will be held at Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki Street, Wellington. 

Technical rehearsals will begin on Sunday, 4 August, working to the first public preview performance on Friday, 9 August. Tech rehearsal hours will shift into afternoon and evening based times closer to the first performance. 


Performers must attend all rehearsals, including photoshoots/media calls, as needed. Any scheduling conflicts must be declared and agreed to in advance.

Profit-share kaupapa and co-op structure

WITCH Music Theatre is an alternative production house producing small to medium-scale music theatre experiences in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington. We pride ourselves on creating an equitable and transparent opportunity for all company members to share any box-office profit made equally among all company members.

Lizzie will be presented alongside Circa Theatre and will operate with their standard single venture partnership structure with a professional co-op share model. 

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